The Magna Voce Team

Meet Maria Perez-Chambers and Catalina Natalini.

They have been teaching together as Magna Voce Interpreter Education since 2009.

They support people who want to become language interpreters to confidently pass their Oral Certification Exam and start a thriving career in interpretation.

Together they work in developing programs that combine theory and practice of interpretation. 

They are looking for students who:

1. want to learn interpretation in a supportive and nurturing environment

2. need a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle

3. are ready to become thriving professional interpreters



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Catalina J. Natalini has always been passionate about languages and literature, and, in fact, holds a Master in English linguistics and Literature from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

She has always loved teaching, and her teaching career began as a language teacher and evolved as adjunct professor at the Master of Translation and Interpretation at La Salle University. She has ample experience in curriculum development at the graduate level, and she currently develops teaching material and programs for Magna Voce.

Her career as an interpreter started in 2004 in the legal medical and school settings, and she has supported the profession in her roles as interpreter representative to the Delaware Court Interpreter Advisory Board, and as Delaware’s State Chair for IMIA.

When she is not interpreting or teaching interpretation, Catalina sits in meditation or in her garden relaxing.

At Magna Voce, we always tell our students that everything they have done before choosing the interpreter profession is their asset, and Maria Perez-Chambers is a great example of this.

Before becoming an interpreter, she spent some time as a research assistant at Cornell Medical School. Her curiosity and interest in new ventures led her to become a freelance translator of scientific documents for some leading U.S. companies.

She obtained her court interpreter certification by the Administrative Office of the US Courts and the State of Delaware in 1997. She did not stop there. She held a position as Delaware’s Court Interpreter Program Coordinator developing policies and procedures, and most recently was appointed as a Magistrate in the Justice of the Peace Court in Delaware.

All along she has shared her knowledge passion for interpretation in trainings and programs for interpreters and with Catalina, founded Magna Voce in 2009.

When she's not in the courtroom or teaching interpretation Maria is tending her large garden and many little two-legged creatures.