Legalese for Court Interpreters


Legal Terminology: Warrants


We see warrants frequently in our work as court interpreters, and maybe do not realize their value as a tool for developing a broad legal vocabulary based on understanding of the concept or even as a handy preparation tool for any assignment.


  • To widen participant’s general understanding of the concepts of probable cause and the elements of a crime/violation
  • To have a worthy discussion of the skeleton of an arrest and a search warrant and the probable cause requirements for each
  • To present how to best use the information contained in a warrant in preparation for an interpreting assignment
  • To broaden knowledge of legal jargon and terminology

SUBJECT AREAS: court interpreters, criminal proceedings, legal terminology, legal system

DATE: February 22, 2023
TIME: 6:30 TO 8:30 pm EST



  • 2 CEUs Pennsylvania AOC
  • Court Interpreters from other states, please follow your state's CEU submission guidelines
  • Total Time of Instruction: 2 hrs

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