Wealth and Abundance in our Lives

Esther Apoussidis

is an holistic therapist and an energy alignment coach, guiding women on how to use their energy to create massive results in their life and work. She has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and a real deep understanding of how to move from stagnant to manifestation energy.


Valuing your Interpretation Work like a Seasoned Pro!

Have you ever:

  • Accepted work even though the fee felt too low?
  • Worried that if you said no, the client would not want to work with you again?
  • Feared that a client would not pay your fee?

If you said yes to any of the above, you are not alone!

Many interpreters experience these situations yet aren’t sure what to do in order to generate a healthy income, leaving them feeling frustrated and insecure.

Seeing your work as a business and yourself as a business owner is imperative to creating fulfilling and lucrative work.

Join us for 30-minutes with Jen Shultz, Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ to learn:

  • How to see yourself as a confident and empowered business owner
  • How to price your work so it is in full alignment with who you are
  • How to say no and negotiate so you don’t settle for less

During Jen’s talk she will emphasize how independent contracting work is just the same as running your own business and how if you price your work with confidence, you never have to worry again.

Be sure to have a pen and paper to take notes during this not-to-be missed 30-minute presentation.

Jen Shultz, Founder and Leader of The Non-Nine-to-Five™

For over a decade Jen Shultz, Founder and Leader of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ has been educating, training, and coaching those who have a deep knowing they are not meant for a traditional 9-5 job how to master the art of successful self-employment.

Taking a unique inner and outer approach to her work, Jen supports her clients in conquering limiting beliefs, managing fear, and taking the concrete steps needed to create successful self-employment that makes a difference in the lives of others.

She is also a speaker who has spoken for large organizations such as Google, Wix, and The University of Texas.

Jen lives in Austin, TX with her sweet dog Hunny and has been self-employed for over 12 years, after leaving her teaching career in New York City.

How to get what you need for yourself (and your profession)

Maria Perez-Chambers

At Magna Voce, we always tell our students that everything they have done before choosing the interpreter profession is their asset, and Maria Perez-Chambers is a great example of this.

Before becoming an interpreter, she spent some time as a research assistant at Cornell Medical School. Her curiosity and interest in new ventures led her to become a freelance translator of scientific documents for some leading U.S. companies.

She obtained her court interpreter certification by the Administrative Office of the US Courts and the State of Delaware in 1997. She didn't stop there.  She held a position as Delaware’s Court Interpreter Program Coordinator developing policies and procedures, and most recently was appointed as a Magistrate in the Justice of the Peace Court in Delaware.

All along she has shared her knowledge passion for interpretation in trainings and programs for interpreters and with Catalina, founded Magna Voce in 2009.

When she's not in the courtroom or teaching interpretation Maria is tending her large garden and many little two-legged creatures.

We occasionally express, or hear from others, dissatisfaction with our present professional life, whether we are unhappy with the working environment, the remuneration, our colleagues, our administrators/managers. This dissatisfaction can erode our desire to continue to work, and our perception of our profession. It may make us feel frustrated, unappreciated, or maybe even exploited!

So, what do we do about it? What have we done about it so far?  How do we go about doing anything to spark change and to get what we believe we need and deserve?

We have to tune up our self-advocacy skills and integrate them into our Interpreter Persona™ so that we can meet our needs and consequently the needs of those we serve.

Our goal at the Wealth Retreat is to 

  • introduce the concept of self-advocacy.
  • introduce the key elements of self-advocacy planning.
  • leave you with an idea of how to create a mini plan to start advocating for yourself.

Maria will be sharing success stories from her experience as a professional interpreter and her work as Interpreter Program Coordinator for the Administrative Office of the Courts in the State of Delaware.


How to Make Genuine Connections That Will Accelerate Your Business

As woman of color and immigrant working in Corporate America, Monica Sanchez has overcome a few challenges and gained great experiences which have led her to a very successful career, fulfilling personal life and financial freedom. She will share her winning tips on how YOU can utilize networking to get leads and most importantly, to nurture long-lasting relationships with your clients and prospects. Also, you will learn to stand out from the crowd showing authenticity; how to categorize your connections and how to detect the hidden internal barriers that are preventing you from building strong strategic relationships.

Get ready to feel empowered and participate!

Monica Sanchez

is an award-winning bilingual professional, career coach and Marketing Strategy Manager at Chase Home Lending Marketing team. Monica was born in Peru and had to build her network from 0 when she moved to USA. Monica is an award-winning graphic designer, high-performer, VP, Marketing Strategic Manager for JPMC Home Lending team in Delaware and also the Co-chair of the BRG focused to support Latino and Hispanic employees. Monica and her sister Silvia, a Project manager and Marketing consultant for a company based in Los Angeles and Social Media expert, have created a wonderful community called “The Career Sisterhood” where they mentor and develop women leaders.

IG @TheCareerSisterhood